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henry danger

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SB fan360 SB fan360 31 March

Who's better?

Who's your fav? Pick 1! Anyone.

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Disney213 Disney213 27 December 2020



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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 20 November 2020

Bianca Returns

Bianca Returns is a special episode set during Season 5 of Henry Danger.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Main Cast
  • 3 Recurring Cast
  • 4 Minor Cast
  • 5 Trivia

Bianca is back from the reality show Kids in the Woods and wants to get back together with Henry. However, once she finds out Henry is Kid Danger, she is shocked about it and decides to keep it a secret.

  • Jace Norman as Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Riele Downs as Charlotte Page
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Dunlop
  • Ella Anderson as Piper Hart
  • Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz

  • Maeve Tomalty as Bianca

  • Ryan Grassmeyer as Jeff Bilsky
  • Briana Kennedy as Officer Lacy
  • Dayna Dooley as Officer Walnut

  • This marks Bianca's first appearance since Secret Beef back in Season 2.
  • Bianca finds out Henry is Kid Danger t…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 8 November 2020

Knight & Thunder & Danger

Knight & Thunder & Danger is a special crossover episode of Henry Danger, The Thundermans, and Knight Squad.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Cast
    • 2.1 Henry Danger
    • 2.2 The Thundermans
    • 2.3 Knight Squad
  • 3 Trivia

Ryker breaks out of Swellview Prison and plans to get his revenge on Arc, Ciara, Captain Man, and Kid Danger. Meanwhile Max and Phoebe Thunderman are visiting Captain Man and Kid Danger. Once Ryker arrives, Schwoz uses the portal machine and sends Arc and Ciara to the Man Cave. They all team up and defeat Ryker.

  • Jace Norman as Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Riele Downs as Charlotte Page
  • Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz

  • Kira Kosarin as Phoebe Thunderman
  • Jack Griffo as Max Thunderman

  • Owen Joyner as Arc
  • Daniella Perkins as Ciara
  • Geno Sergers as…

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Lydia Luva Lydia Luva 1 October 2020

Biggest Fan

Whoa feels good when blowing bubbles right??

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 30 August 2020

ScreenPlay: Shaker Danger

The Game Shaker kids are making an edit to their game Crime Warp when Double G, Bunny, and Ruthless walk in

Double G: What goes on Game Shakers.

Babe: Hey Dub.

Trip: You going to tell them the news?

Kenzie: What news?

Bunny: Double G is throwing a concert.

Hudson: Another one?

Double G: That's what celebrities do Hubbins.


Double G: Ruthless we talked about this. You need to use your inside voice.

Ruthless: SORRY!

Babe: Well it's nice that you're doing another concert.

Hudson: Yeah.

Kenzie: Well let's just hope that Dr. Minyak doesn't try to ruin it again like he almost did last time.

Bunny: He put me and Ruthless in the hospital.


Trip: If Dr. Minyak tries to sabotage the concert, Captain Man and Kid …

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 30 August 2020

Shaker Danger

Shaker Danger is the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth fanmade episode of Henry Danger. It is a two hour special and a crossover with Game Shakers.

  • 1 Plot
    • 1.1 Henry Danger Main Cast
    • 1.2 Game Shakers Main Cast
    • 1.3 Recurring Cast
    • 1.4 Villain Cast
  • 2 Trivia

Double G plans to do another concert for fun so Henry, Charlotte, Jasper, Piper, and Ray all attend it. However, trouble emerges as Dr. Minyak, The Toddler, and Courtney (from Jasper's Real Girlfriend) plans to ruin the concert. So Captain Man and Kid Danger, along with the Game Shakers, team up to stop the villains from ruining the concert.

  • Jace Norman as Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Dunlop
  • Riele Downs as Charlotte Page
  • Ella Anderson as Piper Har…

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Rramfx Rramfx 24 August 2020

My Thoughts on Henry Danger's Ending


Henry along with four children (Bose, Mika, Chapa, and Miles) each get abilities after the Omega Weapon's explosion that temporarily takes Ray's powers. Later on a blimp, Ray, Drex, and Henry fight which eventually leads to the blimp being a runaway and Drex being defeated. Unable to stop the blimp, Henry shoves ray off the blimp with a parachute and sacrifices himself by staying on the blimp and ramming it into a mountain. Or so the rest of the world thought. Last minute, Henry activated the ability he got from the Omega Weapon (a seemingly indestructable forcefield), and survived, faking Kid Danger's death. This way, Henry can protect his secret identity and become a superhero outside of Swellview. The four children end u…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 22 August 2020

ScreenPlay: Evil Danger

At the Man Cave, an alert is going off

Charlotte: You guys got trouble.

Henry: What's going on?

Piper: Dr. Minyak is breaking into an old warehouse.

Jasper: You got to go stop him.

Henry: I will if Ray was here.

Schwoz: Maybe you can beat Minyak on your own.

Piper: Yeah. Maybe you'll get a promotion.

Henry: Okay it looks like I got to take care of Minyak myself.

Henry takes out his bubblegum and blows a bubble transforming into Kid Danger

Charlotte: Good luck.

Kid Danger: Thanks.

Kid Danger goes to the tubes

Kid Danger: Up the tubes!

The tubes sucks him up

Jasper: So are you two dating or what?

Charlotte: No we are not dating!

Piper: That's not what Schwoz said.

Charlotte: Schwoz what have you been telling them?

Schwoz: Uh...

Piper: He's been telling everyone…

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Davidwalker30 Davidwalker30 22 August 2020

Evil Danger

Evil Danger is the first and second fanmade episode of Henry Danger. It is a 50 minute special.

  • 1 Plot
  • 2 Main Cast
  • 3 Recurring Cast
  • 4 Trivia

Dr. Minyak and The Toddler are back and they make a machine to turn good guys evil. When Kid Danger tries to stop them on his own, he ends up turning evil and starts working for Dr. Minyak and The Toddler. Captain Man tries to turn Henry back to nomal but fails. So now Schwoz builds a machine to change Henry back to normal just before the villains take over the entire world.

  • Jace Norman as Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
  • Cooper Barnes as Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Riele Downs as Charlotte Page
  • Sean Ryan Fox as Jasper Dunlop
  • Ella Anderson as Piper Hart
  • Michael D. Cohen as Schwoz Schwartz

  • Mike Ostroski as Dr. Minyak
  • Ben Girou…

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Some Random fun facts about me

1. When I Was 9 I Looked Exactly Like Piper

2. I Have 3 Siblings And Are Still Middle Child

3. I have watched literally every episode of Henry Danger including the Musical

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Akrisistaken Akrisistaken 6 August 2020

does anyone know How to watch full episodes of henry danger?

does anyone know How to watch full episodes of henry danger?

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EvanLee2007 EvanLee2007 5 August 2020

The Adventures of Kid Danger episodes that ripped off episodes of Phineas and Ferb

"Game of Drones" : Rip-off of "Leave the Busting to Us!"

"OctoCharlotte ": Rip-off of "Gaming the System "

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הסוכן הנרי הסוכן הנרי 30 July 2020



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Browndodge Browndodge 20 May 2020


It sbeen ike a few months sine a episode of HD has played on the main channel but it is playing the musical today at 2 on the main channel. TODAY AT 2 ON NICK EAST.

Xfinity also has every episode for free when you say Henry Danger in to te voice remote.

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Sara norman Sara norman 20 May 2020

Teache sustituto

link title == Teache sustituto

Temporada 1, Episodio 6

Jaspe llega con un nuevo estudiante llamado Ortho. Ortho les pregunta sobre el suministro de agua de la escuela y si tienen alguna cámara de seguridad. Ortho luego ve el póster del Capitán Man de Jasper y dice que pronto, su padre se encargaría del Capitán Man y que estaban en la fase de planificación. Henry y Charlotte comienzan a sospechar.

Más tarde, van a la Cueva del Hombre y le cuentan a Ray sobre Ortho. Cuando Ray les pregunta cómo se ve Ortho, Henry recuerda que Jasper había publicado una foto suya y de Ortho en línea. Encuentran la foto. Ray comienza a pensar que era el hijo de Drill Finger. Explica que hace 3 años, había capturado a un villano llamado Drill Finger y lo encarce…

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Five Panel Games Five Panel Games 22 April 2020

this wiki has a new background

its a really cool background

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RYR99 RYR99 17 April 2020

Goodbye to the Henry Danger Wiki!

... and today, I'm here to make an announcement ... I'm going to leave this Wikia Page/Fandom Community today!

I'm now an admin on the Danger Force Wikia/Fandom Community, and this Wikia Page/Fandom Community is now rendered as dead, with the finale aired almost a month ago, premiering today in United Kingdom, and Danger Force premiering 3 weeks ago.

YouTube - (Series)

             - (2nd Series account)

             - (Singing persona)

Twitter  -

Facebook -

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Joesom Joesom 15 April 2020

All of Henry Danger is free on Xfinity on demand

I just wanted to make everyone aware that Xfinity now has every episode of Henry Danger for free on-demand until June 1!

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 9 April 2020

Background update

Hey guys, I know this wiki is still somewhat active, so I thought I would give you an update on our background. We were originally going to use the plane and mask poster in the foreground on the background. However after sending it to JoePlay, he couldn't make it work as we don't have a big enough background of the plane image poster as the sky and mountains were too small. I knew that was a challenge when we started the background. So he enlarged the mask image and looks fantastic and will work. If we ever do find a bigger image of the plane picture, we will just stick with the mask image.

Since our foreground is now built/figured out, next would be the other background details and everything is still the same as of now.

Hope everyone under…

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Addieledford Addieledford 1 April 2020


I am going to miss Henry Danger 

i liked Henry hart

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BigWalt71 BigWalt71 31 March 2020

Henry Danger Force

With social media accounts changing their usernames to Henry Danger Force, could it be possible that Henry Danger is the beginning of its own shared universe containing elements of comedy, slapstick, and the superhero genre? After all, the show did have 2 animated spinoffs prior to its latest live action continuation, Danger Force.

And with the new series directly picking up where Henry Danger ended, it makes sense to connect both series due to sharing the same themes as it's predecessor. What are your thoughts on this, and do you think a shared universe is looming but upon the themes and elements of Henry Danger?

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 28 March 2020

The Final Henry Danger Wiki Awards Winners and the Admins Final Goodbyes

Wow, the final Wiki awards, but before we begin I want to take a bit of time to say it has been a fantastic 6 years working with everyone on the Henry Danger wiki. Creating this wiki was a great opportunity and extremely fun, but I couldn't do it without the fans and our amazing Administrators. Yes we have rough times and good times, but we managed to work things out. And I'll admit I was tough, but wanted to do what was right for the wiki. When starting this wiki I didn't think I would be doing this wiki for six years. It's been a blast!!!

Our wiki has a total of 708 pages, 14,236 images, 855 videos and 118,520 edits and the numbers are always changing. All this wouldn't be possible without all of you.

Here are messages from are other Admin…

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Leg21323 Leg21323 22 March 2020

Henry Danger: Series Ratings

Since the show is over, i'll might as well share my thoughts on every episode 

NOTE: This is all my thoughts. Please rescept them. Thank you.

Season 1 (Good)

The Danger Begins: Amazing

Mo' Danger Mo' Problems: Meh

The Secret Gets Out: Amazing

Tears of the Jolly Beetle: Great

Substitute Teacher: Bad

Jasper Danger: Great

The Space Rock: Good

Birthday Girl Down: Good

Too Much Game: Amazing

Henry The Man Beast: Meh

Invisible Brad: Okay

Spolier Alert: Amazing

Let's Make a Steal: Good

Super Volcano: Awful

My Phony Valentine: Good

Caved In: Great

Elevator Kiss: Mixed

Man of The House: Meh

Dream Busters: Good

Kid Grounded: Bad

Captain Jerk: Meh

The Bucket Trap: Amazing

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1: Great

Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 2: Amazing

Jasper's Real Girlfriend: Ok…

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HenryDangerFan69 lol HenryDangerFan69 lol 22 March 2020


Does anyone have any theory's for how Super Charlotte occured?

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Backstreet25865 Backstreet25865 22 March 2020

Goodbye from Backstreet25865

If you're reading this, hi.
If you're reading this, hi.

I wanted to say it's been amazing to be an administrator on this wiki for almost six years. It's crazy how time flies. Six years ago, I wrote the plot summary for The Danger Begins, and a few minutes ago, I wrote the plot summary for The Fate of Danger: Part 2, and it's been an incredible experience.

Thank you to all my fellow administrators for all your contributions to the wiki. And to the Henry Danger community, you guys are such a passionate group of fans and it's been great writing for you guys.

Until next time, just remember. Chew gum, blow bubble, fight crime. I'm okay! I'm not okay! Up the tube!

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Bigteddy Bigteddy 21 March 2020

Goodbye from Bigteddy

Well guys the time has come! Tonight is the finale.

Well...where do I begin? First of all, Co-running the Henry Danger Wiki has been one of the greatest challenging experiences of my life and I would love to Thank my partner and my very good friend Checker Fred for giving me the opportunity. Working with him has been the best time of my life. He and I have known each other even before this wiki was created. He was always there when I needed help, he always fixed my mistakes even when I had trouble with the homepage. He wanted to make sure we were alright. Fred, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to co-run this Wiki with you. You are a great partner, a great admin and a great friend and I'm looking forward to working with you ag…

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BrainTaleMaker BrainTaleMaker 21 March 2020

calm down

You guys know that Captain Man won't die, as he is on a blimp and unindestructable, (says so in the promo) (he'd fall off the blimp.) but there is a spinoff and captain man is in it.

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 16 March 2020

Pages to be protected

First off, if you haven't make sure you vote for the final Henry Danger Wiki awards if you haven't yet as you only have a week left. [1]

Here are all the ages that will be protected once the series ends. These are the big important articles that we feel that need to be protected and saved. Edits will need to be summited to one of the admins after the series wraps. If a character appears on Danger Force that character page will be protected on this wiki.

  • Henry Danger
  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Season 5
  • Henry Hart (Kid Danger)
  • Ray Manchester (Captain Man)
  • Jasper Dunlop
  • Charlotte Page
  • Piper Hart
  • Schwoz Schwartz
  • The Danger Begins
  • I Know Your Secret
  • Hour of Power
  • Henry Danger: The Musical
  • Danger & Thunder
  • Danger Games
  • The Fate of Danger: Part 1
  • The Fate of…

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Abippes25 Abippes25 16 March 2020

Piper hart

Hi my name is s look Alax and I love Henry danger  

I was born July 28 2006

I am a female 

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Leg21323 Leg21323 15 March 2020

Finale elements predictions


Based on the promo here my predictions on what will happen 

Ray loses his indestructibly because of henry shooting Ray and Drex with the weapon that will lose indestructibly 

since this is a Nick show, I don't think Nick (nor the writes) will kill off a character in the show, so here what I think

1, Instead of Swellview's memories of Captain Man being gone, Kid Danger risks him saving many lives throughout the years and being famous, he decides its better for everyone's memories of him being gone, which would make sense as he quit his job and he only came back to save Ray.

2. Like in Part 3: A New Hero, Henry could save the world, while in that episode he risks his super power, in the finale, he risks Ki…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 8 March 2020

The series is comming to a close

WOW, in just two weeks the series is going to end, but before our wiki awards, I wanted to make this blog to wrap a few things up.

1.Creating this wiki was a great opportunity and extremely fun, but I couldn't do it without the fans and our amazing Administrators. Yes we have rough times and good times, but we managed to work things out. And I'll admit I was tough, but wanted to do what was right for the wiki. When starting this wiki I didn't think I would be doing this wiki for six years. Next week it will be 6 years when our wiki was launched, as it became officially on March 14, 2014.

2. The week after the series finale airs, I will begin the process of protecting some big important pages, like all of the season pages, episode Guide, big …

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Jokeman20 Jokeman20 3 March 2020


Hey there, Man Fans. It’s such a sad predicament that Henry Danger is ending. We’re all going to miss this show along with Henry and company. It was great while it lasted. Good times and moments. This show was amazing to say the least. But at least there’s a spin-off Danger Force coming soon. Let’s see how that turns out as well soon. Okay, that’s all.

By the way, today is my Birthday.

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 2 March 2020

The Final Henry Danger Wiki Awards Voting

Welcome to the final Wikia awards. Henry Danger has had a great run and so did we with this wiki. However now it's time to have our final wiki awards. This year is a little bit different then most. Our admins still had to pick a Nominee, but we added a good amount of series sections as we thought it would be fun and a bit different. The Henry Danger admins were still asked for their best choice for each category and they gave us great Nominees. plus in a twist of things, we went to you guys on Twitter and the wiki to get you're feedback and you guys gave some great responses, I included some of them. I also included some nominations from things we know that are going to happen in the finale. Don't be afraid to vote on you're best guess.


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Checker Fred Checker Fred 19 February 2020

Henry Danger is getting a spin off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were right, after seeing all of the casting sites and the characters mentioned in Escape Room and Game of Phones.

Danger Force, it stars the flagship series’ Cooper Barnes (Ray/Captain Man) and Michael D. Cohen (Schwoz) and introduces four new superheroes-in-training as they team to fight crime in their town of Swellview. The offshoot will premiere Saturday, March 28 at 8 PM.

Every things is here,

and the wiki has already been created by Bigteddy…

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Mechajohn77 Mechajohn77 16 February 2020

Another Possible Spin-Off for Henry Danger

Henry Danger maybe ending this year, but however, the legacy could live on, Nickelodeon is possibly making a spin-off for the show and it looks like it could be starring the kids (Mika, Miles and Chapa) that have appeared recently in Season 5 episodes such as Escape Room & Game of Phones (most recently) check out the link

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IiWatermelonSlushiesii IiWatermelonSlushiesii 10 February 2020

There's Something I Don't Understand

In Elevator Kiss, Henry was mad that Bianca kissed Kid Danger not Henry. But, a few episodes back in Super Volcano Henry kissed her already. I dOn'T uNdErStAnD wHy He WaS mAd!!

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 8 February 2020

Your input on the final wiki background

The Henry Danger series finale will be here before we know it and it's time to create the final wiki background.

Our wiki has grown so much over the past 6 years and it wouldn't be possible without all of you, (goodbye note after finale) but we need to hear from all the fans on what our final background should be.

  • Season 1- We just had a boring red background. (sorry no image to link)
  • Season 2 - we had Blue and red background in superhero style and with their full body picture images from season 2 [1]
  • Season 3-4- We kept the same red a blue pattern but switched to images to chest up shots [2] and [3]
    • Plus we had our Danger Games background with all the behind the scenes pics [4]

Season 5- what we have now [5]

So here is what I am thinking for ou…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 29 January 2020

Wiki awards and last months on the wiki update

Who is ready for the final wiki awards? We are and can't wait for it to begin, so here is how things are going to work. 1. Poll about how many episodes you want to win will close next week, it's a close race (if you didn't vote do so now on the home page) 2. Admin nominations will begin late next week and go through the Feb 29th. (last 2-3 episodes will automatically included for voting, depending when the finale airs) 3. Early March voting begins

  • We would try and do it after the finale, but after that point the wiki is going to be dead.

4. Winners will be announced 3-4 days after finale. (so if you feel that Fate of Danger is going to be great take the risk and vote)

The wikii awards will be divided into two section 1. Our 2019-2020 section…

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Ilovedanger009 Ilovedanger009 16 December 2019


OK, there's been a lot of debate over which Henry Danger season was the best. With the finale coming up, that's a question that many have different opinions over. So now, lets discuss which Henry Danger season is by far the best. Here is my order:

1]Season 5

2]Season 3

3]Season 2

4]Season 1

5]Season 4

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ToonWebster ToonWebster 4 December 2019

Danger Dog (episode idea please send this to the cats and crew to make)

So in this episode basically Captain Man and Kid Danger are fighting crime and being sexy and hot(I’m into fellow males’) and when they are done fighting they find a dog. They find he has no owner so they take it in. They then accidentally give it powers and it starts to fight crime, it can even talk. They name it Danger Dog. The dog sends them back in time and they meet Alfred Wegener and have a tea party and then they all kiss each other. However, history is effected and people still believe the Earth is flat so they go into space to prove it’s round but when they go up there they find out the earth is indeed flat so they fly down and take Schwoz up to the moon and leave him there to die along with Piper’s evil twin Vaper. They then deci…

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 25 November 2019

Help us with Video clean up

Hey guys, for the past few months me and a few other admins have been going through all of the images and deleting unused/double images that really can't be used here anymore, We are almost ready to move on to our videos, but I though it maybe a good idea to have users help us out with our videos.

We currently have over 700 videos, and I know there are probably some that aren't even playable any more, so if you guys have any free time and would like to help us out that would be great.

Go to Special:Videos Four things need to be done

  • 1. check if the video is playable if not mark the video file with the Candidates for deletion tag
  • 2. Remove videos that do not work on any of the pages it is listed on, in edit summary mark video does not work
  • 3. P…
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Browndodge Browndodge 20 November 2019

People Who Just Disappeared

I was thinking about how some people vanished in the series so I made a list:

  1. Gooba Gooch
  2. Gwen
  3. Thumb Buddies
  4. Oliver Pook after he went into Kevin's world they didn't even look for him.
  5. Van Del, the only villain from the train in Danger & Thunder who hasn't been seen since.
  6. Same for Alien Girl
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Checker Fred Checker Fred 16 November 2019

Wiki awards have been postponed

Hey guy's I wanted to announce, this years wiki awards have been post postponed. Since we are going all out and including sets, weapons, crazy outfit, fight scene and some other fun stuff, Bigteddy and I think it's best to wait until we are closer to the series finale. That way the last 10 episodes have a even shot of getting nominated. Plus we think those are going to some big episodes. Another factor was that this is our final wiki awards since the show is ending.

Hope everyone understands. Admin nominations/Voting will begin once we get closer to the finale. If you have any ideas for categories please let us know. You can view the ones that we have on my user pages.

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Lemurseighteen Lemurseighteen 22 September 2019

Average cost per episode

I was thinking just now about the average cost produce each episode and try and compare that to mighty Morphin Power Ranger when adjusted for inflation (all 3 seasons total 155, 28 more than Henry Danger. So let's cut the 25 "Zyu2"-footage that was shot in Japan, but is exclusive to MMPR, which would equal 130 so it's roughly equal). Even though Power Rangers sells toys and Henry Danger doesn't, that bit I will deal with later.

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Vicki Payne Vicki Payne 17 September 2019

What's going to happen to Gwen?

Since S5 is the last season and after that episode "Love Muffin" since Gwen knows the secret indentities of Captain Man & Kid Danger and has it recorded on her phone, will they show a episode of her returning and try to get a hold of her phone erase the evidence along with her memory (since she knows who they really are) and put her in jail before she exposes their secret indentities!

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Checker Fred Checker Fred 31 August 2019

Season 5 will be Henry Danger's Finale Season

Hey guys,

I knew, I was going to have to make this blog sooner or later this season, but didn't expect it to be today. Today a user informed me of a YouTube video of Jace Norman officially confirmed the end of the show.

While the photographers are awful, Jace's words confirm that Season 5 is indeed the finale season. While Nick hasn't released anything, the events that happened during the past 10 months basically confirmed this would be the show finale season. Everything that happened can be found in the trivia section on the Season 5 page. Some included episode increases and cast talking about it being the final season.

But don't worry, we still have several more episodes to enjoy. Season 5 will run at least through Mid 2020. Henry Danger wi…

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MrFlamerBoy MrFlamerBoy 30 August 2019

The guy who plays Henry's dad liked my comment on Instagram

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MrFlamerBoy MrFlamerBoy 12 July 2019

Proving Henry wrong

When Henry said there is no one in this world named Barfield, that was a lie. I got proof: [1]

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