The Man Fans (or Man-Fans) are a fan club in Swellview honoring Captain Man and Kid Danger (or Ray and Henry). In reality, anyone who is a fan of the show Henry Danger is also considered a Man-Fan.

First Opened

The first time the Man Fans were mentioned was in the Henry Danger episode Spoiler Alert. However, it is unknown when the Man Fans was opened or introduced, though it could have started after Captain Man became recognized all over Swellview, even before Henry Hart's birth.

Government or Leadership

The leadership of the Man Fans is just like any other club: the power of the club is centered around a president or leader that decides what the day's topic is and who can enter the club and can kick a member out of the club if wanted. It is also known that Captain Man (Ray) can impeach Presidents or Leaders, as seen in Spoiler Alert.

Presidents or Leaders

Paula Makiato - She is the one that started the Man Fans. She is very mean to some people, and especially mean to Piper for no good reason. 

Piper Hart - She becomes President after Paula was impeached by Captain Man. In One Henry, Three Girls: Part 2, Chloe came to Piper so she could help her with getting a date with Kid Danger since Piper is the president of the Man Fans. In the episode JAM Session, Captain Man tries to make Piper lose her temper by saying she can't be the leader of the Man Fans because she is too short, but he didn't actually mean it. She is the current president.