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Swellview as viewed from the sky.

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Swellview Sign

Swellview is a fictional American city in which the show Henry Danger takes place. It is located not very far from Bordertown, and next to Neighborville and Rivalton. Its citizens are called "Swellviewans".

Swellview was founded in 1896 in the greater Swellview County and its heroes are Captain Man and Kid Danger. It is known that the heroes only save the people who live in Swellview (with small exceptions such as protecting New York City). Despite its lousy government and rules, Swellview is a popular destination for tourists.


Swellview was established in the year 1896, the same year as its park. The Battle of Swellview was known to have taken place here. The city's first public bathroom opened in its park in 1898. They also have a designated railroad named Swellview Valley Railroad, a metal sign in giant white letters spelling the city's name, and a large lake, with a secret underground facility located beneath the depths of the lake, unknown to the city's residents except for its notorious criminals.

Swellview also has a mine shaft, which, can be implied, that hasn't been visited in years, shut down, or is inactive at the moment. A popular video store called Beta Maximus from the 1900s also operated in the city, until it closed down after years of service.

The city is located next to Bordertown, where the Frittle Factory apparently shares borders with Swellview, and nearby to Neighborville and Rivalton.


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Swellview City Logo

Official Seal of the City of Swellview.

Swellview Book of Laws and Ordinances

It is revealed in Christmas Danger that there are some ridiculous rules in Swellview:

  • It is illegal to wear two hats at once.
  • It is also illegal to eat ice cream on a cone.
  • It's illegal to take a picture of a rabbit without a permit.
  • It's illegal to serve food without wearing a hairnet.

Other controversial laws, physics, and rules

For even more crazy laws in Swellview, click here: Laws of the City of Swellview

Although unrelated to the above, many of Captain Man's rogues gallery who have been arrested are often put back on the streets to commit further crimes in Swellview, for several reasons unknown. Corruption could possibly be a result.

Swellview has a confusing government unlike fellow U.S. states, counties, and municipalities, and some of the things they do are very out of the ordinary. It is believed they score low on poor education in the city.


The Wahoo Punch Bro (138)

A view of Swellview from above, as seen in The Adventures of Kid Danger.

Map of swellview


  • Because most shows of Dan Schneider takes place on the West Coast of the USA (San Diego for Drake & Josh, Seattle for iCarly and Los Angeles for Victorious and Sam & Cat), we can speculate Swellview to be on the West Coast too.
  • In an episode of Henry Danger: Motion Comics, it is shown that Las Vegas is close to Swellview, since Captain Man was able to drive there very quickly. This may hint Swellview is located in the state of Nevada, California, or Utah.
    • In Sam and Cat, they have soda from Club Soda which hints that Swellview is very close to the location of the Sam and Cat babysitting business in Venice, California.
    • In Henry Danger's animated spinoff, Swellview may be in Arizona since the plot of one episode involved driving to the state of Texas for 1000 wieners.
    • With Swellview revealed to have a desert in Whistlin' Susie, this further confirms its location in either of the southwestern U.S. states.
  • The aerial view of Swellview shown in a couple of episodes is of Lockport, Illinois.[1].
  • It is most likely the DanWarp universe's version of Hollywood, because Swellview has its own sign, much like the Hollywood Sign.
    • However, it's mentioned in Secret Beef that Hollywood exists in the Henry Danger universe. If it's true, Henry Danger doesn't take place in the same universe as iCarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat, because both Victorious and Sam & Cat take place in Hollywood, and iCarly takes place in the same universe as Sam & Cat (Sam & Cat is a crossover series between iCarly and Victorious).
    • However, with Goomer appearing in a special episode (and Frankini revealed to possibly be Cat's crazy brother), this can be disputed.
  • In Grave Danger, it is revealed that the ZIP code of Swellview is 53692. This is not a real ZIP code in the United States; if it was, Swellview would be located in Wisconsin.
  • Swellview being located right next to Bordertown is like the close proximity of the city of Oakland to San Francisco, California, or Jersey City, New Jersey next to New York City, New York.
  • Because Swellview has a mountain called "Mount Swellview", it can be implied the city is located near the Rocky Mountains, which span the Western United States.

Notable people

  • Nathan Kress (who plays Freddie Benson in iCarly) appears in the episode Birthday Girl Down.
  • Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (not the actual celebrities) appear in Dream Busters and Henry and the Bad Girl, Part 1.
  • Goomer from Sam & Cat makes an appearance in the 2-part episode Live and Dangerous.
  • Cat Valentine's brother Frankini is a resident of Swellview; also appears in said episode with Goomer.
  • NBA Superstar LeBron James is very well known in Swellview (and may have played in the city too). His supposed friend also lives in Swellview as of Swellview's Got Talent.
  • David Lee Roth of Van Halen fame appears in Texas Weiners. There is even a bridge named after him.
  • Singer Neil Diamond has a jewel named after him (with an "a" instead of an "I"), located in the Museum of Stools and Jewels in Swellview.


  • Though structured like a typical American city, Swellview's laws are unique in that they differ from other county and state laws, as revealed in Christmas Danger.
  • The FBI exists in the Henry Danger universe, as Drex is revealed to be a federal prisoner who was captured by the bureau prior to the events of Hour of Power. It is unknown what jurisdiction they have in such a weird city like Swellview.
  • Swellview is a name pun on Bellevue from Washington state.
  • Tornadoes are common in Swellview, despite being located near the West Coast.
  • Instead of Blu-ray being sold and distributed, a similar form of home video (implacably not as good) called "Poo-ray" is distributed only in Swellview.
  • Given the status of opening the first public bathroom in its park, Swellview probably has a legacy dedicated to its toilets and bathrooms/restrooms, as there is a museum called "Museum of Stools and Jewels" located downtown.
  • While the city's actual location varies, earthquakes are particularly caused by massive explosions, resulting from the self destructions of Man Caves.
  • While the legend of Bigfoot is said to have the creature as a resident in the Pacific Northwest, Bigfoot (or its species) also appears to be a noteworthy story in Swellview, which is miles away from the north.