The Three Muchachos

The Three Muchachos' costumes worn by Henry, Ray and Phoebe

The Three Muchachos are a trio of Canadian criminals who represent their country and came to Swellview dressed in Mexican wrestling costumes. Captain Man and Kid Danger were able defeat them in Junk N' Stuff via the Man Cave gadgets.

The Muchachos are tied inside the Man Cave, but refuse to talk. However Captain Man sends Larry, who smells like onions and sweat, to hug them tight and get them to talk, breaking the female muchacha to tell them about their plan to attend a villain meeting in Swellview. They are sent to prison and the heroes take their costumes to disguise themselves when they head for the secret villain hideout in Lake Swellview, along with Phoebe Thunderman (originally Charlotte).


  • They are one of few villains who know where the Man Cave is located, along with Dr. Minyak, Drex, the Toddler, Brad Belcher, and Rick Twitler.
  • They are the first villains that have been seen in Junk N 'Stuff and the Man Cave.
  • Their names are Tabitha, Shawn, and Owen.
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