• Hey guys it has just been confirmed that Jace Norman will be in Rufus 2. Production just began last week for the TV film. Now this means that Henry Danger was put on hiatus due to Jace Filming the movie. Now the good side is that the show has filmed at least 8 episodes before they left. We estimate production will begin again sometime next month, but aren't sure. Will just have to play it by ear.

    As for Game Shakers I am not sure we haven't seen anything since season 2 episode 6 was shot. We don't now if Game Shakers was put on hold as well. Yesterday I saw a pic of Thomas on a plane to Hawaii. So it maybe true. Hope we find out more on this for GS soon

    Will keep you guys updated on what's happening with Game Shakers and when Henry Danger is back in action. Any question please ask and keep up the great work!

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