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  1. License To Fly
  2. Danger & Thunder


License to Fly

Henry and Captain Man are searching in an alley for a villain duo called the Ballerino Brothers. Henry is trying to convince Captain Man to teach him how to fly the Man-Copter. The Ballerino Brothers arrive, and Henry tells Captain Man that if he could knock out both Ballerino Brothers without the assistance of Captain Man, he would have to teach Henry how to fly the Man-Copter. Captain Man agrees and Henry is able to knock out one of them. He takes Ray's peanut butter sandwich and throws it at the other Ballerino brother. The Ballerino brother suffers an allergic reaction to the peanut butter and passes out. Captain Man agrees to let Henry fly the Man-Copter.

Danger & Thunder

Phoebe is watching clips of everything that Kid Danger and Captain Man have done for Swellview. Their parents had brought their younger kids to Amaze-N-Land. She is then about to depart when she opens the door and finds Max there waiting at the door. Phoebe claims that she is going to her sick friend's house with a suitcase full of soup for her. Max opens her bag and finds clothes. Phoebe reveals why she was leaving. She shows him an interview in which Henry and Captain Man are being interviewed. There was a crime wave in Swellview and then, it is revealed that Dr. Minyak had regained his memory and broken out of prison. Phoebe was leaving so that she could help Kid Danger and Captain Man fight crime. Max is happy that Dr. Minyak escaped because he invented the Heliometer, which could lift humans and make their voices sound stupid. He then says that he would call their parents and tell them Phoebe was leaving without their permission. Phoebe lifts him off the ground to stop him and Max lifts her off the ground. They make each other fall and Phoebe leaves. Ray is trying to think where Dr. Minyak would be, and notices that Henry was upset about something. Ray asks Charlotte what was bumming Henry out, and Charlotte says that it was because Bianca went away to be in Kids in the Woods, like Chloe. An alert hits the Man Cave and they look at the security cameras. They see the Three Muchachos there, a group of Canadian-Mexican criminals that wore masks. Ray and Henry take out all three by using the dinosaur fire, making the cash register blow up, and by dropping garden hoses on them using controls in the Man Cave.


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Loves Cotton Candy In License To Fly

Ella Anderson As Piper Hart

  1. Ray! Don't Blow Up The Man Cave
    — Ray To Henry
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