This is a message for anyone in the wiki who potentially knows some or plenty of information about Marvel Comics or DC Comics super heroes and villains. My reason for this is because Henry Danger is a show that is about superheroes and from time to time, references are made to other franchises, as well as some spoofs to said franchises. Some of the references are spot on right there, like Captain Man being a parody of Superman, and Henry Hart as Kid Danger being his sidekick like Robin is to Batman (and its safe to say they may be specifically based on the 1960s Batman & Robin).

Moving on, a page on this wiki titled List of Hero/Villain References in Henry Danger is dedicated to those references and is updated whenever one is spotted in an episode. Unfortunately, none of this wiki's admins (other than myself) know much about Marvel or DC, and without their help, there may be missing information on certain references. That's why I'm treating this blog post as a "Help Wanted" sign. Whereas talking to users one on one doesn't work, a blog post is a great way to attract readers to pitch in and help and use their knowledge on Marvel/DC to spot references.

The process is simple. Just watch an episode of Henry Danger, and pay close attention to what the characters say, do, and watch out for characters that qualify as a reference to a particular super hero or villain (it is mostly the latter you will notice). Follow all these steps and then add the information to the Hero/Villain references page.

On a side note, if either of you know someone from the Marvel Wiki or DC Comics Wiki, please invite them to join this wiki and pitch in.

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