Thank you to everyone who has voted for the awards. Throughout the day I will be editing this blog and announcing winners for the Awards.


  • Favorite Episode goes to Danger Games
  • favorite Ship goes to Henray
  • Favorite Villain goes to Drex
  • Favorite Superhero goes to Kid Danger
  • Information fanatic goes to Robbielovescats
  • Favorite Main Character goes to Henry Hart
  • Photohero goes to User:Jvelizdevillaj
  • Best Admin goes to Checker Fred
  • Favorite Recurring Character goes to Siren Hart
  • Favorite Cast member goes to Jace Norman
  • Favorite Director Goes to Nathan Kress
  • Favorite Writer goes to Christopher J. Nowak
  • Favorite creator goes to Dan Schneider
  • Favorite season goes to Season 5

The Founder Award is a special admin award decided between me and BigTeddy. This year the award goes to Robbielovescats. This was a very difficult decision to make. However, we decided the award should go to him as he has done so much for the wiki in the past few years he has been with us. Congrats again.

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