Hey guys, for the past few months me and a few other admins have been going through all of the images and deleting unused/double images that really can't be used here anymore, We are almost ready to move on to our videos, but I though it maybe a good idea to have users help us out with our videos.

We currently have over 700 videos, and I know there are probably some that aren't even playable any more, so if you guys have any free time and would like to help us out that would be great.

Go to Special:Videos Four things need to be done

  • 1. check if the video is playable if not mark the video file with the Candidates for deletion tag
  • 2. Remove videos that do not work on any of the pages it is listed on, in edit summary mark video does not work
  • 3. Place videos on appropriate pages and create a video gallery if there is not one currently.
  • 4. If the video doesn't have a page that would work create a page for that or the several videos

That's pretty much it, if anyone could help us go through videos that would be great. Any questions please ask

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