Hey guys, Next week marks Henry Danger's 100th episode. We are super excited and we have some big things planned leading up to the 100th episode.

First up is a major Henry Danger episode quiz (All 100 episodes)

This quiz is to test how well you know Henry Danger. Each clue has something related to that episode. The clues range from lines, summaries we created or little funny things that have happened in the episode. I will admit that this is a bit challenging, but don't worry we have some easy clues as well.

All episodes that have aired as an hour or hour and half episodes, have been broken into parts to make it a little more fun. Play Here:

Once you have completed the quiz let us know how you did.

If you score:

  • 100 Mega Manfan
  • 99-90 Super Manfan
  • 89-80 Average Manfan
  • 79-70 Manfan
  • 69-50 Need to watch more Henry Danger

If you didn't do well that's okay, there will be more quizzes and games if this goes well.

During the week on twitter, we will be posting trivia throughout the week leading up to the 100th episode. Trivia will range from facts to behind the scenes pic and even production information. So make sure you follow us @Dangershakers

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