As you may of noticed today we had to rename Swellview Junior High to Swellview High School. This was confirmed by several pictures tweeted through The Pear Source. He noted the name was changed during season 4. All retweets can be found on our twitter @Dangershgakers. So since it's basically the same school, we also added known Swellview Junior High in the intro. Our guess is that one side may contain 6-8 and the other side is the high school students where Henry and the gang our now.

All links containing Swellview Junior High may stay that are from episodes in Season 1 to 3, as we redirected the old page. Any pages for season 4-5 must have Swellview Junior High to follow with the name change. Other links on any other pages, will be handled accordingly.

As you may of noticed that we closed the Poll to Henry's mom's name change. All choice were tied with 30 votes in each section. Bigteddy and I have decided at this point to just bring all admins in and see if we can come to an agreement on the page name as it's looking like the poll is very debatable. We will let everyone know what we decided soon, if we can't come to an agreement we may have to go back to the poll.

I think this is the first show that Dan and his team have changed the name of a school.

What our your thoughts? Any questions please ask.

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