Henry Danger is in full swing for Season 3. Like last season I will do the production time line for the show. This season will wrap most likely Early to mid November but not 100% certain. Lets hope not to have any confusion this season, but we do have at least 3 holidays that may interfere with production.

Here is production schedule for Season 3.

  • Shows Production time frame
    • Monday-Table read/runthrough
    • Tuesday and Wednesday- runthrough
    • Thursday and Friday-taping of the episode
  • If Anyone Wants to know Game Shakers schedule.
    • Wednesday-Table read/runthrough
    • Thursday and Friday- runthrough
    • Monday and Tuesday-taping of the episode

GS does not interfere with Henry Danger, it just makes Dan's day a bit hectic.

Hope this helps! Any questions please ask.

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