The wiki is really coming along, but there is always room for improvement on the wiki. Whether you're an admin meeting requirements, need something do, or trying to get your latest achievement points you need. Either way I have created a list of pages, videos, pictures, or other suggestions that could be added to improve the wiki.

  1. Screen shots for All episodes
  2. Add quotes from the show on episode or character pages.
  3. Pages for the actors and actress for Category Minor Characters
  4. Episode clips.
  5. Behind the scenes pictures and videos.
  6. Add various references to heroes and villains.
  1. Interviews of cast members
  2. Video Galleries for multiple episodes or needs to be added to page
  3. Image/Video Galleries for multiple characters and cast members
  • Many pics/videos are on the wiki, but not in any type of gallery.
  1. Character pages can always be improved by adding more detail.
  2. Pages for restaurants, foods, stores, TV stations, buildings, and others mentioned on the show.
  3. Add categories to pages that need them or making them easier to find.
  4. Add Important directors, writers, and producers, as well as other crew members.

As I go through the wiki I will add more to this blog. If there are any suggestions that will improve our wiki or ideas for pages comment below. Thanks for all your help and The Henry Danger wiki is really coming together.

  1. Improving Omar, the Space Bug, and any alien/animal characters related pages.
  2. Work on the List of Hero/Villain References in Henry Danger.
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