This blog is going to be short, but the crossover we have been waiting for I FINALLY HERE!!!!!

Back in April, me and BigTeddy predicted a day before Ellen announced it on her show and after 4 crazy weeks of production and about 6 months of editing its finally here. Okay it probably didn't months to edit, but you get what I mean.

We also be having a Danger Game Background created for this very special event. It will only be on wiki though. We hope to have it up soon.

This month we have basically every show back this month, with School of Rock airing for a week straight. We just hope Nick is not rushing the show, but we think Nick just wants to air the episodes before the get to the Christmas episode.

Also don't forget about the Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie that premiers on 11/24, this is one jam packed month.

Here is the schedule Henry Danger

  • 11/4/17 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#405) Brawl In The Hall
  • 11/11/17 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#406) The Rock Box Dump
  • 11/25/17 (Sa.) 7:00 PM NICK (#401-403) Danger Games

Game Shakers

  • 11/4/17 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#210) Babe Gets Crushed

School of Rock

  • 11/13/17 (Mo.) 7:30 PM NICK (#306) Puppy Love
  • 11/14/17 (Tu.) 7:30 PM NICK (#308) Would I Lie to You?
  • 11/15/17 (We.) 7:30 PM NICK (#310) A Matter of Trust
  • 11/16/17 (Th.) 7:30 PM NICK (#312) Love Is a Battlefield
  • 11/17/17 (Fr.) 7:30 PM NICK (#311) Kool Thing
  • 11/18/17 (Sa.) 8:30 PM NICK (#304) Heroes & Villains

The Thundermans

  • 11/18/17 (Sa.) 8:00 PM NICK (#427) Save the Past Dance
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