Hey guys,

I knew, I was going to have to make this blog sooner or later this season, but didn't expect it to be today. Today a user informed me of a YouTube video of Jace Norman officially confirmed the end of the show.

Jace Norman talks about filming the final season of Henry Danger outside Craigs restaurant in West H

Jace Norman talks about filming the final season of Henry Danger outside Craigs restaurant in West H

While the photographers are awful, Jace's words confirm that Season 5 is indeed the finale season. While Nick hasn't released anything, the events that happened during the past 10 months basically confirmed this would be the show finale season. Everything that happened can be found in the trivia section on the Season 5 page. Some included episode increases and cast talking about it being the final season.

But don't worry, we still have several more episodes to enjoy. Season 5 will run at least through Mid 2020. Henry Danger will become Nickelodeon's longest running live action sitcom with 127 episodes. iCarly will be in second place with 109 episodes and The Thundermans with 103 episodes. While All That is growing over 180 episodes, it is considered a Sketch comedy show not a sitcom.

The good thing is Henry Danger will at least getting a proper finale, as there is enough time to do one and the cast and crew all know the show is over after this season. I hope it is at least an hour episode or a 3 part episode as that would be awesome. If they can wrap up Game Shakers on this show that would be cool as well. What would you guys like to see happen in the series finale.

I know all you are asking what is going to happen with the wiki, well we are still going to be very active until the series is over. We have some big plans in the works. We are going to be have our 2019 Henry Danger Wiki awards, creating some new quiz's that are about characters, episodes and some other information. Plus we are going to create a special background for the shows series finale, more details about that later. If you have any fun ideas that we could do let us know.

Once the show is over, all the admins will look over the wiki and make sure everything is in good order. Some of the Big important Character, episode, and other big pages will be protected after a few weeks of the series finale. I plan to still be active and keep an eye on things to make sure everything stays in order, but probably not as much as I am now.

That wraps about everything up for now, but lets make this last part of the season a great one.

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