Who is ready for the final wiki awards? We are and can't wait for it to begin, so here is how things are going to work. 1. Poll about how many episodes you want to win will close next week, it's a close race (if you didn't vote do so now on the home page) 2. Admin nominations will begin late next week and go through the Feb 29th. (last 2-3 episodes will automatically included for voting, depending when the finale airs) 3. Early March voting begins

  • We would try and do it after the finale, but after that point the wiki is going to be dead.

4. Winners will be announced 3-4 days after finale. (so if you feel that Fate of Danger is going to be great take the risk and vote)

The wikii awards will be divided into two section 1. Our 2019-2020 section where Episodes, characters, ships for that year will be nominated 2. Our series section where will be looking at different areas in the series like sets, Moments, outfits, honorable character, and several other good ones.

Get ready the awards are going to be crazy.

Now for the wiki, as the series comes to a close we must being the process for getting the wiki ready for after the series comes to an end. We will have a brand new background coming in March, where it will be the characters with their season 1 and 5 pics, and possibly few other cool images. Admins and users if you have any ideas now is the time to send them my way as I will be submitting the new background Late feb/Early March, so we have it up before the finale.

Once the finale airs we will protecting important pages, like Characters, episodes, and other big pages will be protected.

Lets make these last few months great!!!!!!

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