The Game Shaker kids are making an edit to their game Crime Warp when Double G, Bunny, and Ruthless walk in

Double G: What goes on Game Shakers.

Babe: Hey Dub.

Trip: You going to tell them the news?

Kenzie: What news?

Bunny: Double G is throwing a concert.

Hudson: Another one?

Double G: That's what celebrities do Hubbins.


Double G: Ruthless we talked about this. You need to use your inside voice.

Ruthless: SORRY!

Babe: Well it's nice that you're doing another concert.

Hudson: Yeah.

Kenzie: Well let's just hope that Dr. Minyak doesn't try to ruin it again like he almost did last time.

Bunny: He put me and Ruthless in the hospital.


Trip: If Dr. Minyak tries to sabotage the concert, Captain Man and Kid Danger can stop him.

Hudson: Oh yeah. Henry can use his superpowers.

Kenzie: Actually he doesn't have powers anymore.

Babe: Yeah he told us he lost them.

Trip: Well that sucks.

Double G: Bunny, Ruthless come help me get stuff for my concert.

Bunny: Okay, Dub.

Bunny, Ruthless, and Double G exists the building

Hudson: Well hey he's doing another concert.

Trip: I really hope Minyak doesn't ruin the concert.

Babe: Dude chill out.

Kenzie: Yeah. Captain Man and Kid Danger will stop him if he tries.

Babe: Plus they have us on TwitFlash (parody of Twitter).

Trip: Oh yeah.

Hudson: Does he have an account for him or Kid Danger?

Kenzie: Both.

Babe: He doesn't want anyone to know is identity, so he has an account for Kid Danger.

Trip: Well I guess there's nothing to worry about.

We now cut to Swellview down at the Man Cave

Piper: You guys turn on the news.

Charlotte: Why?

Ray: Is there an emergency.

Jasper: It's about Double G.

Henry: Well turn on the news.

Ray: Okay.

Ray turns on the monitor

Trent: For all of you Double G fans out there, you're going to be excited to hear this.

Mary: That's right Trent. This Saturday Gale G. Griffin will be hosting a concert and you will find it live on Channel 7.

Trent: Mary we're on Channel 7. The live will be on Channel 6.

Ray turns the monitor off

Henry: Double G is hosting a concert?

Piper: We have to go to it.

Jasper: How?

Ray: They know who we are.

Charlotte: Yeah. They can bring us as our guests.

Piper: Can you bring us with. I always wanted to meet Double G.

Ray: Okay I'll bring you guys with.

Jasper: Wait what if Minyak tries to sabotage it again?

Henry: We'll be prepared.

Schwoz walks out the secret room

Schwoz: What goes on?

Piper: Double G is hosting a concert this Saturday.

Schwoz: Can I come?

Ray: No.

Scwhoz: Why not?

Henry: You have to stay here and make sure villains don't break in.

Schwoz: Aw man.

Charlotte: You'll find it live on Channel 6.

Jasper: Bye.

Henry, Ray, Charlotte, Jasper, and Piper head out the Man Cave

Schwoz: Poo.

We now cut to a weird room where Dr. Minyak and The Toddler saw the news

The Toddler: So Dr. Minyak is doing a concert huh?

Dr. Minyak: We'll see about that.

The Toddler: What plans you got?

Dr. Minyak: I'll tell you when our new guest gets here.

Courtney walks in

Courtney: I'm here.

The Toddler: Good. What's your name again?

Courtney: My name is Courtney.

Dr. Minyak: Alright here's what we should do with Dr. Minyak's concert.

The Toddler: What do you got?

Dr. Minyak: We sabotage the equipment so it'll explode.

Courtney: I like it.

The Toddler: Excellent.

Dr. Minyak: Watch out Double Wee. Your concert is going to be sabotaged.

Courtney: Double Wee?

The Toddler: He's being disrespectful.

Courtney: Ah.

We now cut back to Henry and the gang

Piper: So that Hudson guy found your gum, blew a bubble and transformed into Kid Danger?

Henry: Uh huh. Kenzie quickly realized that I was Kid Danger.

Charlotte: Ray tried to wipe their memories but they agreed to keep it a secret.

Jasper: I can't believe I missed it.

Piper: You were too busy taking care of that child.

Ray: What ever happened to that kid anyway?

Piper: His real parents came to pick him up.

Jasper: I could have been a parent.

Henry: You would have been irresponsible.

Jasper: Hey.

Ray: He's right. Does your school not do those baby projects?

Charlotte: No.

Henry: Ever since then, Babe has had a crush on me.

Ray: Isn't she young for you?

Charlotte: She's 16.

Piper: When I see Double G, I want to get his autograph.

Jasper: I want to get a selfie with him.

Ray: Don't embarrass him.

Piper: We're not.

Jasper: We're just big fans.

Charlotte: I think his son has a crush on me.

Henry: How long until we get to New York?

Ray: It won't be for awhile.

Jasper: Why didn't we take the Man Copter?

Piper: Cause the cops will think there's an emergency and everyone will know we work for Captain Man and Kid Danger.

Jasper: Oh.

Ray: Think before you speak.

Jasper: Get off my case.

We now cut back to the Game Shakers

Babe: Where'd Dub having his concert at?

Trip: The same place he held the last one.

Hudson: What song is he going to perform.

Kenzie: He's going to perform Drop That.

Trip: His number one song?

Babe: That's the one.

Hudson: I don't think we heard that song since 2017.

Kenzie: Well he has other songs too but everyone loves Drop That so that's the song he's going to perform.

Hudson: What time is the concert?

Trip: 7 O'Clock at night.

Babe: We got to make this the best concert ever.

Trip: Well I'm still wondering if Minyak will ruin it.

Babe: Relax. Henry just texted me. He said he and his friends are coming to the concert.

Kenzie: So if anything happens, Captain Man and Kid Danger will be there to save the day.

Hudson: Yeah chill out bro.

Trip: How many friends is Henry bringing?

Babe: He's bringing his boss, Charlotte, his sister Piper, and a guy named Jasper.

Kenzie: Who?

Babe: He's Henry's best friend. He didn't see us because apparently he was watching over a little kid.

Hudson: Aw how cute.

Babe: Henry said he is a fan of Dub.

Trip: Who isn't a fan of my dad?

Kenzie: He's a celebrity.

Babe: Basically everyone is a fan of Dub.

Now we cut back to the villains

The Toddler: Okay I checked Double G's TwitFlash, and he says his concert is at 7PM on Saturday.

Dr. Minyak: So on Thursday night, we set out to get our revenge.

Courtney: I'm going to love this.

The Toddler: Wait why do you want to sabotage his concert?

Courtney: My arch nemesis is a fan of him. So if I sabotage it, it will make her mad.

Dr. Minyak: Oh that is brilliant.

The Toddler: We're bad.

Courtney: Indeed we are.

The Toddler: Wait doesn't Double G have body guards?

Dr. Minyak: Yes, he does. Don't worry, I'll find a way to get rid of them.

Courtney: Good!

Dramatic Music plays

Henry and the others have arrived in New York

Ray: We're in New York.

Piper: Wow it's so cool.

Jasper: Can we go see the Statue of Liberty?

Henry: We can do that later.

Charlotte: Wait I have a question?

Ray: What Charlotte?!

Charlotte: Where are we going to stay at?

Piper: Yeah where are we going to stay?

Henry: We can stay at a hotel.

Jasper: Why don't we just stay at their place?

Henry: Uh it's not really a house. It's just a building where they make all their games.

Ray: Well it does look like a house.

Charlotte: It kind of does.

Henry: Well it's not.

Piper: You don't need to be all sassy.

Henry: I'm not.

Ray: Hey didn't that Babe girl have 2 other love interests?

Henry: Yeah she did. When I went to see her last year, we were all there and she picked me as her interest.

Ray: I still feel that she's too young for you.

Henry: We're not. She's 16 and I'm 18.

Jasper: It's totally normal.

Piper: Yeah.

Charlotte: You flirt with Henry's mom and I think she's too old for you.

Ray and Henry: Hey.

Piper: Why are you saying hey?

Henry: She called our mom old.

Jasper: Why you calling their mom old, Charlotte?

Piper: Yeah Charlotte?

Charlotte: Can we go to the next scene already?

Back with the Game Shakers

Babe: Oh Henry just arrived in New York.

Trip: Is he coming to see us?

Kenzie: What, do you want to hang out with a superhero.

Hudson: Actually he's a sidekick.

Babe: Same thing. Yes, he and his friends are coming to see us.

Kenzie: Wait where are they going to stay?

Babe: He said they're going to stay at a hotel.

Trip: So Babe, how does it feel to be dating a superhero sidekick?

Babe: Aright but since we can't let anyone know the secret, everyone knows that I'm dating a "normal" person.

Hudson: Henry is normal.

Kenzie: She obviously put air quotes to make it convincing.

Babe's phone rings

Babe: Hello?

Henry (phone): Hey we're a mile away.

Babe: Really?

Henry (phone): Yeah.

Babe: Okay see you soon.

Henry (phone): See ya.

Trip: Was that Henry?

Babe: Yep. They're a mile away.

Hudson: Sweet.

Henry and the others have arrived

Henry: We're here.

Charlotte: This is their building?

Henry: Uh huh.

Piper: It looks so cool.

Jasper: Hey why does it look like that Club Soda you, Charlotte, and I went to back in 2015.

Henry: It does look like the place.

Ray: Well let's go in.

Henry knocks on the door and Babe yells it's open

Henry: Hey we're here.

Babe: Henry.

Trip: Hey Char.

Charlotte: Oh hey Trip.

Jasper: I think he likes you.

Charlotte: You think.

Piper: It's great meeting you again.

Kenzie: You too.

Ray: You got a nice place here.

Hudson: And you are?

Henry: My boss. He's Captain Man.

Charlotte: We're excited to see your dad's concert.

Trip: I bet.

Babe: He's getting everything all set up.

Piper: So that's why he's not here.

Kenzie: Are you Jasper?

Jasper: Yes, yes I am.

Babe: Henry told me about you.

Jasper: He did.

Henry: Of course I did.

Jasper: Aw.

Ray: Don't be weird.

We quickly cut to Dub

Double G: About time the camera comes to us.

Bunny: Are you excited for your concert Dub?

Double G: Of course I am!


Double G: I'm going to perform my number one song Drop That!

Bunny: Good song.

Double G's phone vibrates

Double: Babe just texted me. She said she brought her boyfriend and his friends over.

Ruthless: AW!

Double G: Alright I think everything should be good.

Bunny: I hope that Minyak guy won't ruin it.

Double G: Relax Bunny. If he does, then Captain Man and Kid Danger will stop him.


Double G: Saturday you better get here fast.

Bunny: It will in two days.

Double G: Thanks for the info Bunny.

Back with the villains, they are on the road to New York

Dr. Minyak: Alright we will be in New York in a little bit.

The Toddler: Why didn't we go by plane?

Courtney: Yeah.

Dr. Minyak: For dramatic effect.

The Toddler: So what are you going to do with Double G's bodyguards?

Dr. Minyak: Well when they aren't with him, I will knock them out cold so they can't stop me.

Courtney: That sounds like a good idea.

The Toddler: Good think I bought a gallon of knock out gas.

Camera shows a gallon of knock out gas

Dr. Minyak: I was wondering what that was.

The Toddler: What did you think it was?

Dr. Minyak: Oh look we're almost in New York.

Courtney: How?

The Toddler: Does it matter?

Courtney: No, not really.

Back at the Game Shakers headquarters

Piper: Have you guys made any new games?

Babe: Well we did made an adjustment to Crime Warp.

Jasper: Crime Warp? I love that game.

Ray: What adjustments did you girls made?

Kenzie: We added Dr. Minyak in it.

Henry: What does he do?

Babe: Well he takes us hostage so you guys come to save me.

Henry: Nice.

Charlotte: How did you even start this game company anyways?

Trip: Long story.

Babe: Kenzie and I created the game Sky Whale but we accidentally stole Double G's song Drop That so we almost got in trouble.

Kenzie: Then we agreed to start a game company with Double G as our co-worker.

Hudson: And ever since then, we've been making those games.

Jasper: How long have you been in business?

Babe: Since 2015.

Ray: Wow for 5 years?

Kenzie: Uh huh.

Piper: Can you add me into Crime Warp?

Babe: Why?

Piper: Well I do know their secret now.

Jasper: As do I.

Kenzie: How do you want us to add you in?

Piper: Have me attacking Minyak.

Jasper: And have me rip his head off.

Henry: That's a little dark bro.

Jasper: Yeah I heard that too.

Babe: How about we give you superpowers?

Jasper: Yes. That's my dream.

Charlotte: Uh you guys.

Ray: What Charlotte?!

Charlotte: You need to see the news.

Hudson: Why?

Charlotte: Just turn it on.

Babe: On it.

Babe turns on the news

Trent: Breaking news.

Mary: Dr. Minyak is at it again.

Dr. Minyak: He, The Toddler and a girl are in New York and are planning to sabotage Double G's concert.

Trip: I knew it!

Mary: They even harmed his bodyguards and are now in the hospital.

Trip: Here's a file of the villains.

A picture of Dr. Minyak, The Toddler, and Courtney appears

Charlotte: Courtney!

Henry: Oh my.

Trip: I knew this was going to happen.

Kenzie: Poor Bunny and Ruthless.

Babe: We know Minyak but who are the other two?

Ray: The Toddler is another villain.

Charlotte: Courtney was his girlfriend but is a psycho.

Kenzie: Why?

Jasper: She tried to kill Charlotte with a chainsaw.

Flashback to Jasper's Real Girlfriend

Courtney: Stay away from my man!

Henry pushes Courtney out the window

Courtney: I'll get you for that! I'll get you!

Jasper: Okay, maybe she does need help.

End of flashback

Trip: Wow.

Piper: I didn't even know you had a girlfriend.

Jasper: Why does everyone keep saying that?

Babe: Focus people. Minyak and those other villains are about to ruin Dub's concert.

Kenzie: Henry can you and Ray help us again?

Trip: Please.

Henry: Of course we will.

Ray: Yeah. Superheros never take the day off.

Piper: Can we help too?

Henry: Uh.

Charlotte: Oh let them help.

Jasper: Yeah they don't stand a chance against us.

Ray: Well you're here anyways so I guess you can help.

Jasper: I'll take care of Courtney.

Charlotte: No. She hates me more. Let me take care of her.

Henry and Ray take out their gum and begins chewing on it

Ray: Ready?

Henry: You know it.

Ray and Henry blows a bubble and they transform into Captain Man and Kid Danger

Babe: Whoa.

Kid Danger: Let's go.

Trip: Crime fighting time.

Hudson: Sweet.

Kenzie: I hope we're not too late.

Back with the villains

Dr. Minyak: Are the bodyguards gone?

The Toddler: Yep.

Courtney: Now they can't stop us from ruining the concert.

Dr. Minyak: Excellent.

The Toddler: Well, well, well it looks like Double G's concert is going to get canceled.

The gang are in the Man Van

Trip: Okay so how are we going to stop them?

Captain Man: The same way Kid Danger and I always do.

Piper: Should I bring a butter sock?

Jasper: A what?

Babe: The weapon Sam used on iCarly.

Kid Danger: You know it wasn't filled with butter.

Charlotte: They used something else instead.

Piper: Then I'll use quarters.

Hudson: Oh that'll be painful.

Captain Man: I think we can handle this without the use of a sock.

Kid Danger: Yeah.

Kenzie: Why does Minyak hate us?

Piper: He's a psycho. He once kidnapped me, Jasper and some Man Fans in my own house.

Charlotte: He once programed me to kill Henry and Ray.

Babe: He's a real psycho.

Kid Danger: We need to put a stop to this once in for all.

Captain Man: You can say that again.

It's the night of the concert

Dr. Minyak: Well it's the night of the concert. You got it all set up?

The Toddler: Yep. As soon as he performs, it will explode and cause a fog.

Courtney: Then we go on stage and kidnap him.

Dr. Minyak: Actually we were just going to ruin the concert but kidnapping is even better.

The Toddler: Great idea.

Courtney: Thanks.

Kid Danger and the others are in the audience in disguises

Kid Danger: Thanks for the disguises Trip.

Trip: No problem.

Captain Man: When does Dub go on?

Kenzie: Soon.

Piper: I'm ready to kick some butt.

Charlotte: Easy girl.

Kid Danger: As soon as Minyak, Toddler, and Courtney go on stage, that's when we attack.

Babe: Did anyone tell you that you look hot in your Kid Danger uniform?

Kid Danger: Yes, yes they have.

Piper: Don't talk about it. I feel so grossed out about it.

Charlotte: I told you that you shouldn't be saying that.

Jasper: I see Minyak. They're about to go on stage.

Captain Man: Thanks for the info Jasper.

The lights go out and Double G comes down on stage

Double G: Thanks for coming everyone! I'm about to Drop That!

The Toddler: Move out!

The villains go on stage

Dr. Minyak: Hello Double Pee!

Double G: You?

Dr. Minyak: Did you miss me?

Double G: No! Bunny! Ruthless!

The Toddler: Sorry they're not here.

Courtney: We took care of them.

Dr. Minyak: And now we're going to finish you!

Kid Danger: Not if we have anything to say about it!

Cheer applause

The Toddler: Kid Danger?

Captain Man: And me! Captain Man.

Trip: Dad!

Double G: Trip?

Charlotte: Courtney!

Courtney: Oh shut up boyfriend stealer!

Piper: Attack!

Babe: You're going down Minyak!

Dr. Minyak: You can't hit me. You're just a kid. Now go play.

Babe gets very angry and starts beating Minyak

Babe: Take this!

Kenzie: Hold him down.

Captain Man: Toddler it's time for your nap.

The Toddler: But I'm not tired.

Captain Man knocks out The Toddler as Charlotte and Courtney are fighting

Courtney: But you wish you didn't steal my Jasper from me huh.


Charlotte knocks Courtney out

Trip: Dad are you okay?

Double G: Yeah, thanks to you guys.

Captain Man: We're always here to help.

Babe: We're going to go back to our seats now.

Double G: No you're not. You saved my concert. Now get up here and perform with me.

Piper: Hi Double G. Piper Hart. I'm a big fan. Can I get your autograph.

Double G: Sure.

Jasper: In 5, 4, 3, 2.

The concert re-continues

Double G: Now lemme see the club go off when I step in the mic.

Babe: Game Shakers in the sky.

Kenzie: Like it's popping tonight.

Trip: You know the whole squad's filthy.

Kid Danger and Babe: Now we pay for it up.

Piper: So when you hear the beat bang!

Jasper: You better drop dat what!

Charlotte, Trip, Kenzie, Hudson, and Double G: We're so icy that I'm balling everyday.

Captain Man, and Piper: You can't shake my game so just get out my way!

Kid Danger, Trip, and Jasper: Only bosses up in here, only that's what's up So DJ bounce that bass so I can Drop dat Whaaaaaat!

Everyone: Drop dat Let the bass play it low Drop dat And make the whole club go Drop dat Cause I can't get enough I'm singing drop dat Now you better pick it up! Drop Dat!

The concert ends and everyone that attended starts cheering while the gang begins hugging each other as the crossover ends

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