I have idea for Henry Danger episode is

1. Ray mess up Henry’s Mom memory and end up Ray dating Henry’s Mom, Henry’s Mom don’t remember herself and Henry, Charlotte and Jasper. Henry stress Ray mess Henry’s Mom memory. Then Schwoz figure it out get a Henry’s Mom memory back in Henry’s House for secret.

2. What happened if Ray or Henry got Shrink Down when Schwoz figure it out, If before Schwoz, Jasper and Charlotte found Henry or Ray got Shrink after Ray or Henry gone got missing later Schwoz, Jasper and Charlotte found Ray or Henry then Schwoz figure out how to turn back grow.

3. What happened if get a youtuber fortnite guess star is Typical Gamer or Axvry came to swellview to someone beat youtuber fortnite. Henry, Ray, Schwoz, Jasper, Charlotte, Piper, Henry’s Family and Henry Whole School to meet Youtuber Fortnite guess star Typical Gamer or Axvry. Ray and Henry need to beat Youtuber Fortnite to win.

4. Need Get Henry new power back.

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