A Debrief of the Final Moments

Henry along with four children (Bose, Mika, Chapa, and Miles) each get abilities after the Omega Weapon's explosion that temporarily takes Ray's powers. Later on a blimp, Ray, Drex, and Henry fight which eventually leads to the blimp being a runaway and Drex being defeated. Unable to stop the blimp, Henry shoves ray off the blimp with a parachute and sacrifices himself by staying on the blimp and ramming it into a mountain. Or so the rest of the world thought. Last minute, Henry activated the ability he got from the Omega Weapon (a seemingly indestructable forcefield), and survived, faking Kid Danger's death. This way, Henry can protect his secret identity and become a superhero outside of Swellview. The four children end up becoming the Danger Force, a new spin-off show produced by Jace Norman (Henry Hart). They attend Kid Danger's funeral, which is the last scene we see with Ray and Henry together.

The "epilogue" ends with Jasper, Charlotte, and Henry sitting in a ramen shop in Dystopia. We learn that Charlotte has become either a cyborg or an android, it is unclear, and that the trio have become crime fighters. They all run off screen after getting an emergency alert, and that is the last appearance of our main character.

My Major Problems with the Final

  • Charlotte (in Kid Grounded) specifically stated that she did not want to become a crime fighter, chasing bad guys and such. However, in the final, she is quick to leave the boys to go fight crime.
  • Charlotte was only supposed to do a year of charity in Dystopia, afterwards she was supposed to go to Harvard. Somehow, the the middle of that, she becomes a superhero? That was never stated, nor was it clear why she chose to do that.
  • Nickelodeon/The Henry Danger Official Youtube channels have been shown to ship Chenry. They could've done something, anything, to hint and Chenry happening. Just mentioning that she and Jack Swagger broke up would've been good. Instead, they leave everything in the dark, with no conclusion to a ship that they literally dedicated an entire episode to (see I Dream of Danger). Note that I Dream of Danger was one of the most anticipated and favored episodes.
  • Charlotte becoming an android to begin with was sketchy. Why? How? Charlotte doesn't seem the type to experiment on her own body, let alone become a robot. We also haven't seen any technology that could make that happen other than the robot in A Tale of Two Pipers, which seems ot be 20+ years into the future.
    • Side Note: I've always hated the narrative of there being a robot war, and making Charlotte a robot? The supposed antagonists of the war as shown to practically enslave humans? Unlikely.
  • The members of the Danger Force were entirely random, the only making sense being Bose since he's the Vice Major's step son. Chapa was just some kid who got her phone stolen, and Mika and Miles were randomly dropped off at the Hart residence. I would've much preferred them to be introduced earlier on the season instead of six episodes from the final.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I loved everything before the last five minutes of the episode. I thought the funeral of Kid Danger was a fitting end to the series whilst protecting Henry's identity. I thought that Ray training a team of kids to be superheroes was a nice touch to his father figure character.  All in all, the ending except for the segment in Dystopia was great. I would've loved to see something Chenry related, as they were hinted at for a long time, would've been nice to have some sort of conclusion. I thought Jasper's character was taken care of well, and him becoming a sort of superhero was a nice touch. I think I would've liked to see Henry ending up working away from the other three with his own sidekick, marking the start of his story out by himself.

TL;DR, The Dystopia ending was horrid and I hated it, though everything else was honestly very enjoyale. I would've loved to see it go on longer, but they all grew up, and all good things come to an end. I wish the best for the cast, and thoroughly enjoyed watching them through the years.


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