So in this episode basically Captain Man and Kid Danger are fighting crime and being sexy and hot(I’m into fellow males’) and when they are done fighting they find a dog. They find he has no owner so they take it in. They then accidentally give it powers and it starts to fight crime, it can even talk. They name it Danger Dog. The dog sends them back in time and they meet Alfred Wegener and have a tea party and then they all kiss each other. However, history is effected and people still believe the Earth is flat so they go into space to prove it’s round but when they go up there they find out the earth is indeed flat so they fly down and take Schwoz up to the moon and leave him there to die along with Piper’s evil twin Vaper. They then decided to do a funny dance and kiss again. They go down to earth and express their feelings towards each other. They then kiss and start dating each other. The stage lights fade, the director says all clear, and then Jace Norman and the guy who plays Rey walk off set holding hands and then kiss each other, ending the series due to low ratings.

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