In th house Henry and piper watch their favorite show call rugrats. Henry say tommy can escape from his baby's pen every time to free his friends. Piper say I could do that with I want to but Henry watch beep. Henry goes outside to answer his watch. Ray told there is big trouble coming and it sort of a Dino monster thing. Henry say I will be in the man cave real soon and Henry start running to the junk n stuff but ran to the Dino monster. Henry know what to do and say reptar come with me away from the town. Reptar start following Henry away from the town but ray is watching it from the man cave and proud of Henry to make this nice Dino thing to fellow him. Ray ask whole make that huge Dino thing to life? Jasper say I did because we might need help on something because there is huge monkey monster coming to reptar very soon. Good plan jasper to save the town but we just to put him back until reptar get done fighting the huge monkey thing.

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