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The Mayor
Captain Man (ally)
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First Appearance

Tears of the Jolly Beetle

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Whistlin' Susie

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Timothy Brennen

Vice Mayor Willard is second in command to the Mayor of Swellview.



In Tears of the Jolly Beetle, Vice Mayor Willard presents the key to the city to Captain Man and Kid Danger.

In Substitute Teacher,

In Christmas Danger,

In Budget Cuts, Vice Mayor Willard takes 90% of the heroes' budget to fund for Swellview's monorail. He also took the budgets of several other businesses in the city. It wouldn't be built for another 40 years, and as a result, the heroes now had to charge money for their services to the city. His niece Cassie waltz' in and almost attacks him with a pair of scissors.

When the heroes drop by to pay him another visit, they are surprised to find the Vice Mayor dangling from the window attached to a rope. The reason is a disagreement between uncle and niece over . The heroes attempt to pull the Vice Mayor to safety, only to yank his trousers off instead, much to his embarrassment.

In Whistlin' Susie, Vice Mayor Willard delivers a package containing an atomic bomb to the Man Cave. He also sends a video where he is talking about how it wouldn't be a good thing if he left it in the city hall.


Henry Danger

Mentioned Only

The Adventures of Kid Danger


  • Because the mayor is never shown, it is implied he could be the acting Mayor of Swellview.
  • He may be corrupt, such as when he took 90% of Captain Man and Kid Danger's budget for crime fighting to fund his monorail which wouldn't be built for another 40 years.
    • Willard also delivered a package containing an atomic bomb to the Man Cave, implying he has a personal dislike for the heroes. The source of the bomb's sender was later revealed to belong to Rick Twitler.